Judith Barton Ebert has been drawing and painting for over 50 years. While her first masterpieces were rendered carefully in crayola, she has become proficient in various media over the years. Early in her education Judith's talent was recognized. At 8 years she was placed in a young artist's program at Carnegie-Mellon University (then called Carnegie Institute of Technology). This special instruction continued until her graduation from high school, and included training in drawing techniques, figure drawing, painting and sculpture. During this time her work was selected on eight occasions by her instructors for special exhibition. Judith received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Juniata College in 1968, and has enjoyed a successful career in management and accounting. She earned spending money in college painting portraits of fellow students and continued selling work throughout her business career. In 1991 she decided to restructure her life and elevate her longtime avocation to a profession. At that time she formed Atelier Ebert Ltd. to publish and market her prints and original works of art. Her work hangs in private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

The paintings of Judith Barton Ebert are noted for their fine quality, beauty, and true representation of the subject. These works are not ordinary. The radiate with the life of the subject. To commission a painting by Judith Barton Ebert is to acquire the finest portraiture available today.