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Argentium tarnish resistant silver means toss the polish

Argentium tarnish resistant silver means toss the polish

When accessory shopping and you see the label for Argentium silver, or the unicorn logo, be happy because your jeweler loves you. She is using tarnish resistant silver.

Five reasons why Argentium is a good thing

  1. Argentium resists tarnishing 7 times better than standard sterling as shown in scientific tests.  Caring for your Argentium silver couldn’t be easier. A few drops of mild dish washing soap in warm, not hot, water for washing, and then rubbing with a soft cloth. This will remove what little tarnish will develop. Some experts even recommend  wiping with Windex. If you don’t wear your Argentium daily, store it completely dry in a plastic zippy bag with the air pushed out, and you can use a jewelers polishing cloth to bring back the shine.
  2. Wearing standard sterling daily can lead to dents and deformation. Argentium is 2 times stronger and more durable when properly heat-treated. This means your pieces won’t bend out of shape as easily.
  3. Argentium is harder as well, which means it resists scratching. It will retain its lustrous surface longer than standard sterling.
  4. Argentium has tested 4.5 times brighter than standard sterling, so it’s also brighter than white gold or platinum.
  5. Argentium tarnish resistant silver is the whitest metal with the longest lasting shine. In fact, it is twice as white as standard sterling, and unlike rhodium plated metals, Argentium is the same color all the way through, so there will be no visible wearing or chipping on the surface.

And if you’re concerned about our planet, then Argentium offers 2 bonuses. First, the jewelry maker doesn’t need the acids and abrasives normally used to remove fire scale from standard sterling. That’s cleaner for the earth and healthier for her. And second, all Argentium silver is made using only recycled silver.

If you like white metal, sterling silver and easy care jewelry,  then affordable Argentium silver could the right choice for you. If you want to see some examples ENTER SEARCH LINK